Glam New Year’s Eve Cake

black cake with gold sphere with sprinkles, champagne and a bowl of frosting

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Your New Year’s Eve is sure to be all sorts of glam with this black and gold cake! Learn how to make golden chocolate spheres, color black frosting and assemble your cake in this step-by-step tutorial.




  1. Start with three 6″ layers of cake. If you don’t have a favorite chocolate cake recipe, I highly recommend this one from my fudge sundae cake.
  2. Color your chocolate frosting black. This can require a lot of black food coloring, even if you use a high quality gel, so be prepared to stick it in the refrigerator to firm up.
  3. Level your cakes if they need it and spread about 1/2″ of frosting between each layer. Coat the outside with a thin layer (crumb coat) and allow to set up in the refrigerator (about 10-15 minutes).
  4. Once the crumb coat has chilled, use the remaining frosting to cover the rest of the cake.
  5. Add some extra glam by pressing some Fancy Sprinkles in Black Widow onto the bottom half of the cake.
  6. To create your gold spheres, melt your yellow candy melts in the microwave. I like to microwave mine for 30 seconds and then follow with 10 second increments until they stir smooth.
  7. Using a 1″and a 1 1/2″ sphere mold, fill the candy molds with the melted yellow candy melts.
  8. Turn the molds upside down over a piece of parchment and gently shake until the excess candy melts drip out.
  9. Use a bench scraper to scrape any residual candy melts from around the mold opening and allow to harden in the refrigerator until firm (about 10 minutes).
  10. Remove the half spheres from the molds. To put them together, heat a pan over low heat, gently rub the open of two half spheres on the pan until they begin to melt and then press them together.
  11. Use your finger to remove any candy melt that may squeeze out around the edges.
  12. Mix your gold powdered food coloring with a few drops of vodka and paint your spheres gold.
  13. Add the spheres to the cake by gently pressing them into the soft frosting.
  14. To build the spheres up on top of each other, use any remaining melted candy melts to “glue” them together. Garnish with Fancy Sprinkles in Metallic Golden Dragee Melange.


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