Monster Brownies

stacked brownies next to a glass of milk

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These monstrous Halloween brownies are every bit as easy as they are spooky. And with just a few store bought ingredients, you can whip up this frightful treat in just 20 minutes.




  1. Start with a 9″x 9″ square brownie. You can buy these at the store, as a box mix or use this recipe to make your own.
  2. Make 1 1/2lb of frosting using this recipe for Italian meringue buttercream, marshmallow buttercream or by buying it at the store.
  3. Separate your frosting evenly between three bowls.
  4. Use food gel coloring to tint one green, one orange and one purple, adding food coloring until you reach the shade you want.
  5. Spoon the frosting into three separate piping bags with a Wilton tip 233 on the end.
  6. Pipe the frosting onto the top of your brownies, releasing as you pull the bag up and away to create the “hair.”
  7. Continue adding frosting until the entire top of the brownie is covered.
  8. To finish off the brownies, add royal icing eyes, bone shaped sprinkles and colored pieces of fondant or candies.



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