Ouija Board Cookies


  • One recipe of cutout cookie dough
  • A large rectangular cookie cutter
  • A small heart cookie cutter
  • One batch royal icing
  • Baking cocoa
  • Black food gel coloring
  • A fine food-only brush
  • A flat edge food-only brush


  1. Make a batch of cookie cutout dough (like pumpkin spice latte cookies). Using your large rectangular cookie cutter (or a sharp knife and a rectangular template) cut out your Ouija boards. Using your small heart cookie cutter, cut out your planchettes. To create the hole in the center, use a small piping tip. Bake the cookies as per the recipe instructions and allow to cool completely before icing.
  2. Whip up a batch of royal icing. Ice your cookies using your favorite method (piping and flood icing, or using a thicker icing to ice the whole thing without a border). Allow to dry completely before decorating.
  3. Mix a little baking cocoa with water to create a light brown, and brush that all over your cookies using a flat edge brush. Once the cookies have dried, come back with a darker mixture of baking cocoa and water to darken the edges. This will make your cookies look old and weathered.
  4. Using black food gel coloring and a fine brush, start decorating your Ouija boards. To make the clouds, simply create an outline and fill it in leaving a little white space between the outline and the filled in area. Fill that area with fine lines. If you find that your food coloring remains sticky or isn't brushing easily onto the cookie, just grab a little water with your brush to loosen up the gel a little bit (a little goes a very long ways here). Paint the letters on using whatever font you'd like. If you're having a hard time keeping everything straight or you find your hand sticking to the cookie, a paper towel under your hand and on top of the cookie is a great tool for fixing both problems.