S’more Doughnuts

Graham cracker doughnuts smothered in dark chocolate icing and topped with marshmallows make the perfect s'more inspired breakfast treat! | The Simple, Sweet Life

Ugh, mornings. Am I right? But how awesome would your mornings be with dessert for breakfast?! This IS a thing and THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE!

Oh. Yes. I’m talking s’more doughnuts!

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Easy lemon macarons from The Simple, Sweet Life

Lemon Macarons

Oh, hello there Monday! Can I interest you in a little post-weekend pick-me-up? Nod at your screen if that's a yes. Ok... I'm going to assume you're nodding now so... WABAM! Sunny lemon macarons! As I'm sure I've mentioned... many times... I'm not a morning person, and I am most definitely not a ... read more