A Simple 4th of July

These easy chocolate cupcakes are perfect for all 4th of July festivities | The Simple, Sweet Life

Now that I live outside of the US there just seem to be certain holidays that creep up on me and the 4th of July has definitely become one of those. Maybe it’s because it comes at the beginning of the month so I hardly have time to register that it’s July before the 4th is upon us, or maybe it’s because I don’t have the pop-up firework stands and all the red, white, and blue in the stores to remind me. Whatever the reason, it usually ends up being a “Hey look, it’s already July and OH MY GOD I HAVE NOTHING PLANNED FOR THE BLOG!” sort of situation. I might be able to pull something off while somewhat managing to look like I hadn’t, in fact, forgotten the holiday, but that feat becomes about 100 times more difficult when you can’t waltz down to your local store for a plethora of red, white, and blue… everything.

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These delectable pastries have a flaky puffy pastry outside, fresh berry-filled inside, and are topped with delicious vanilla icing!

Puff Tarts

Eh, eh, see what I did there? Puff tarts! You know, like Pop Tarts but... Ok, ok, bad pun I know. Actually you can blame my Pappo for that, he's the one that came up with it. By the way, thanks Pappo, I'm stealing your bad pun! But bad puns aside, I'm a sucker for puff pastry even if I can't make ... read more